The Governmental Affairs Committee was established to involve members in political activities by overseeing CCAR's RAP (REALTORS® Active in Politics) membership and by using political tracking information as needed in seeking campaign workers, alerting members of issues pertinent to their areas; responsible for raising money for TREPAC and RPAC; responsible for screening candidates for public office and making recommendations for campaign contributions from the Association's RPAC fund. In addition, the Committee makes recommendations for issues to be supported through funding campaigns to bring the issues more into the public view.

Committee Roster

Chris Herrerra (Chairman)

Paul Cervantes           

Tara Gallaspy

Roy Del Bosque

Karen Fregia

Caren Childers

Candy Crisman-Lopez

Shari Kirk

Cathy Mehne

Christine Belin

Bryan Johnson

Char Atnip

Andrea Gatlin

Glenda Witman

Nina Wilson 

Chad Magill

Aaron Guevara

Tray Bates

Cheri Sperling

Debbie Aguirre

Mary Margaret Hebert

Keith McMullen

Joseph Cortez

Wayne Lundquist

Cliff Atnip

Jessica Bates

Cynthia Carrasco

Stacey Oliver

Donna Testa